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Event Speakers

Raghib Hussain

EVP/CSO, Marvell

Dr. Sujit Dey

Director Center of Wireless Communication, UCSD

Faisal Mushtaq

CTO, Sleep Number

Arjun Bansal

VP AI Products Group, Intel

Dr. Todd Hylton

Executive Director Conextual Robotics Institute, UCSD

Michael Phillipi

VP, Technology Lytx

Maha Achour

CEO, Metawave

Paul Banks

CEO, TetraVue

Aditya Srinivasan

VP North America, Innoviz

Nambi Sheshadri

Professor, UCSD

Jeremiah Golston

Vice President, Engineering, Qualcomm

Muhammad Shahzad

CFO, Honest Company

Peter Marx

Adjunct Professor, USC

Atul Malhotra

Research Chief of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep, UCSD

Jason Anderson

President and CEO, Cleantech San Diego

Alex Bates

CEO, Managing Director, Neocortex Ventures

Saad Shahzad

GM, Clutter

James Cross

Vice President Equity Group, Franklin Templeton

Daniel Obodovski

CEO, The Silent Intelligence

Sanjiv Nanda


David Bruemmer

CEO, Adaptive Motion Group

Agustin Lebron

CoFounder, Essilen Research

Darin Chen

CoFounder, Hillcrest Venture Partners

Cleve Adams

CEO, Ubix

Shyam Sundar

Global Head, Faraday Future

Naghmana Majed

CTO for Global Automotive, Aerospace and Defence, IBM

Scott Fox

CEO, OC Startup Council

Seemal Mumtaz

Cardiothoracic Surgeon, CVTS Medical Group

Lukas Kuhn

CTO, Tourmaline Labs

Matt Cole

SVP and President, Cubic Transportation Systems

Steve Statler

SVP Business Development and Marketing, Wiliot

Byung K. Yi

Wireless Technologist

Tamer Kadous

Wireless Architect, XCom

Xinzhou Wu

Head of Autonomous Driving, Xiaopeng Motors

Greg McCord

Director IT and Product Security, CalAmp

Kashif Zubair

CEO, Adroit

Francesco Grilli

VP Product Management, Qualcomm

David Julian

CTO/CoFounder, Netradyne

Azhar Hameed

CEO, Verifx

Jilei Hou

Head of AI Research, Qualcomm

Tom Caldwell

Group CTO, TechNiche

George Hotz

CEO, Comma.ai

Naveed Sherwani

CEO, SiFive

Hasan Ikhrata

Executive Director, SANDAG

Martin Cooper

Chairman, Dyna LLC

Arlene Harris

Founder/Chairwomen, Wrethink

Vivian Sun

Head of Business Development, Partnerships and Marketing, TuSimple

Bilal Zuberi

Partner, Lux Capital

Michael Beaudoin

Director of Private Equities, Mark IV Capital

Shamim Nemati

Director Predictive Health Analytics, UCSD

Bobby Ghoshal

CTO, ResMed

Abhishek Shukla

Managing Director Global Venture Investments, HPE

Jauher Zaidi

Chairman and Chief Innovation Officer, Palmchip Corporation

Albert Vazquez

Technologist and Board Member

Yuanyuan Zhou

CoFounder, Whova

Pradeep K. Khosla

Chancellor, UCSD

Sponsors and Partners

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PLEASE NOTE: The conference takes place at the San Diego,. See the map for exact information.



Suitable Hotels and Restaurents are surrounded all the area.